Financial clarity

is closer than you think.

Empowering clients with the knowledge and confidence to make a lasting financial change.

At Sweven Wealth, we’re here to turn sudden wealth into financial independence. We provide professional financial advice and give 100% of our profits to programs who are dedicated to financial literacy and consumer awareness.

right now, ask yourself:

Am I saving enough?

How should I be investing?

Am I taking on too much risk?

We get it; it’s like seeing the forest for the trees especially when you’re dealing with a financial windfall. There are so many questions; where do you start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve asked those same questions and expressed those same concerns. Let us be your guide to getting you the correct answers.

Meet Troy Murphy, Founder


I left school at 20 to pursue a lifelong goal of playing in the NBA. It was an exciting and unsettling time of my life, as I felt the immediate pressure and responsibility of handling the sudden wealth associated with my professional status. Pushed outside my comfort zone with the unease of managing this newfound financial reality, I found myself wondering:

What should I be doing?

Who can I trust?

It’s been almost two decades since I first asked those questions. Now, as a registered investment adviser representative, I’m taking my experiences and using them to assist others in navigating, preserving, and growing their own instant wealth.

Let’s plan your journey to financial independence.

Here’s How We Can Help

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Educational Planning

Investment Planning


Cash Flow Analysis

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