Who We Are

The Sweven Wealth Story

Sweven Wealth is a financial advisory firm that specializes in helping clients manage instant wealth. The idea for our firm materialized as I reflected upon my own financial journey after completing my NBA career. I sought to create the financial advisory service that I wish I had available to me not just as a 20-year-old leaving college for the NBA but all throughout my 12-year career.

I needed a service that:

  • Provides sound financial advice
  • Is focused on helping me reach my financial goals
  • Has someone who has been in my shoes and understands the pressures and expectations
  • Is uninterested in making money for themselves

I know, it sounds like quite an ambitious vision, but we’ve made that vision a reality so that you can enjoy a direct route to financial independence.

In fact, the firm is named after this type of idea, as the old English word “sweven” means vision or dream. Our firm sweven is all about contribution, as we constantly search for ways to make things better for all of us.

We want to make things better for our clients by helping them successfully manage and grow their money. It is our experience and belief that this will allow them to see what’s important, understand the meaning of “enough,” and give them the freedom to positively contribute to the world in their own way.

We don’t want to stop there, as the vision also includes making a difference in our community. That’s why we donate 100% of our profits to consumer awareness and financial literacy programs.

Thank you for helping make our sweven a reality.


the sweven wealth 8 pillars of success

Be Proactive

Take personal responsibility of your financial future.

Ask Questions

Understand completely what you're investing in and why it makes sense for you. Don't take someone's word for it.

Develop a Plan

A sustainable strategy is vital for financial success.

Pay Yourself

Set aside money to invest in your future. If you don’t, who will?


Don't risk it all on a single investment.

Keep Costs Low

Have your money stay in your account rather than someone else’s.

Educate Yourself

No one knows how hard you've worked or is going to care about your money as much as you do.

Pay It Forward

Help create a better tomorrow.